Forget Fast Food, Let’s Think Slow Food


The Slow Food movement promotes traditional and regional cuisine, and encourages farmers to use methods that grow and raise the best plants and livestock that are meant to be produced in the region in which you live. In a world where faster is often mistaken as better, the Slow Food movement is encouraging for artisan producers and chefs who respect the food they prepare.

Locally, Slow Food NYC follows international Slow Foods standards by supporting individuals, producers, and restaurants that contribute to a good, clean, and fair food system in the city. Through the Snail of Approval program, SFNYC awards producers, purveyors, and artisans who successfully provide quality, authentic, and sustainable food and beverages to the City of New York. A Snail of Approval Establishment must be nominated then approved by the Steering Committee before receiving the rights to display the Snail of Approval and be listed on the SFNYC website.

SFNYC also highly values transparency and cohesiveness in the food supply chain, and is about to launch a new branch of the Snail of Approval Program, the Producer Matrix. The Producer Matrix covers the entire supply chain process from a farmer’s production to a restaurant’s meal, including processing, distribution, and storage. After two years of research and building relationships, Slow Food NYC has just launched their online portal of farmers, fisheries, and distributors.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants awarded the Snail of Approval:

Left Bank
With an everchanging menu, dinners at Left Bank ensures you’ll be eating the freshest local products prepared with expertise and love. The menu features grass-fed beef, local fish, market-fresh vegetables, and the like for dinner daily, and brunch on Sunday.
117 Perry Street, (212) 727-1170

Ted and Honey
The team at Ted and Honey believe you should know where your food comes from and sources their quality ingredients from local producers in Long Island, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. They also make their own ketchup, mustard, and cheese!
64 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, (718) 852-2212

Gramercy Tavern
A long-standing NYC staple, Gramercy Tavern is well-known for its fresh, local, seasonal cuisine. Slow Food NYC co-Chair Anthony Fassio singles out their butternut squash, mushroom, and kale lasagna as one of his current favorites.
42 East 20th Street, (212) 477-0777

Parish Hall
With produce coming from their very own farm in upstate New York, Parish Hall‘s menu is a a constant rotation and reflections of the season’s best. Their carrot on carrot salad is one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten, and their cheese selection features some top-notch regional fromage.
109A North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, (718) 782-2602

Learn more about Slow Food NYC here, and check back often for events such as classes, tastings, and more. Click here to make a donation, or if you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, you can contact Slow Food NYC co-chair Anthony Fassio at