Sound Bites: Tristan Prettyman

Welcome to Sound Bites, where we meet rock musicians at the crossroads between music and food. Digital Dossier Twitter Handle: @tprettyman Facebook: Tristan Prettyman Page Official Website: Blog: Tacos are better on Tuesdays Two years ago, singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman … Keep reading

The Week In Food

Tick tock. Tick tock. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you…yeah you…do you have your dinner reservations?  Check out the CityEats Valentine’s Day Restaurant Guide because there are still a few hotspots with availability. But if you’re feeling … Keep reading

Friday Night Bites: Tables for Two on February 10th

If you haven’t seen our Valentine’s Day Restaurant Guide yet, check it out here.  We guarantee there’s something for everyone.  If you’re unable to make it out on the actual holiday, or were too lazy to make a reservation and … Keep reading

The Week in Food

Mmmmm! Love is in the air! And it smells like… Scrambling for dinner reservations! It’s not even February, and already the Valentine’s Day pressure is on! Time to start planning ahead. Word on the street from my coupled friends who … Keep reading