CityDrinks: On the Port Side

Port is the latest drink to migrate from after-dinner to highball glasses. The fortified wine from Portugal is produced in several different styles with varying strengths, including white (very popular in cocktails) entry-level ruby, bolder tawny, late bottled vintage (often … Keep reading

CityDrinks: Enjoy Winter’s Citrus at its Peak

Grapefruit is often associated with cocktails that lean sour or salty, but bartenders this winter are mixing the versatile fruit with gin, tequila and cognac for a new taste of citrus sunshine. The bar team at El Taco in Atlanta … Keep reading

CityDrinks: The New Old Fashioneds

An Old Fashioned is just that – a big boy brown drink of whiskey, sugar and bitters, served muddled or stirred. It has its own glass and a cameo in every movie set in the 50s and 60s. Modern mixologists … Keep reading

CityDrinks: What You’ll Be Sipping in the New Year

Things that excite bar professionals about 2014: Fruity and spicy beers; barrel-aged brews; sparkling wines from all over; vino from Long Island and Virginia; cocktails made with ingredients that can fight the flu, or your hangover; an explosion of domestic … Keep reading

CityDrinks: Hazelnut Bourbon and Cranberries In a Pear Tree

On the first day of Christmas, your true love – or a friendly bar professional – can serve you one of these holiday-themed cocktails. And on the second day. And the third. Michael King, beverage director at Bibiana in Washington, … Keep reading

CityDrinks: Sugar, Spice and Pumpkin Make Nice

There’s so much more to pumpkins than pie. Bars around the country are getting gourd with their cocktails, adding a bit of the seasonal squash to their sips. When Pearl Wine Co. owner Leora Madden heard that Mississippi distillery Cathead (maker of a cult-favorite … Keep reading

CityDrinks: A Summer Vacation Show and Tell

Kids aren’t the only ones back from break and ready for post-summer show and tell. We asked some top food and beverage pros across the country to share their favorite finds from their summer travels. Here’s what they smuggled back … Keep reading