Hail to the Chef: Where to Dine and Drink on Inauguration Weekend

Planning to celebrate the inauguration in culinary style? Restaurants and bars across the region are crafting menus, cocktails and specials to fête President Barack Obama’s second term. We’ve rounded up the top ways you can join the once-every-four-years fun: BEER: Chant “Four More … Keep reading

Celebrity Dish: Week of October 21st

  Celebrities: we see them in movies and magazines, and if we’re lucky, restaurants. Every week, we round up spots that have received their stamp of approval.  No stalking here. Just consider these restos added to our dining hit list … Keep reading

This Week in Food

By Alejandra Owens Each week we’ll be rounding up all the latest and greatest food news in DC for you here at The Plate. Enjoy! The weekend’s almost over, and all you can think about it cracking open a cold … Keep reading