CityDrinks: Cachaça on the Rise

Brazil is so hot right now. World Cup. Olympics 2016 build-up. And cachaça. If you’ve ever ordered a Caipirinha —  the country’s national cocktail, know for its fresh sweetness — you’ve enjoyed the liquor, which is distilled from sugar cane. … Keep reading

CityDrinks: It’s Not Just About the (Martini) Glass

There are many questions when it comes to ordering today’s martinis: Gin or vodka? Dry, extra dry, wet or sweet?  Shaken or stirred? Up or rocks? Oh, and the additions: olives (stuffed with everything imaginable), onions (making it a Gibson), … Keep reading

The Week In Food

Well, it’s a little gloomy out there folks, now isn’t it? Know what hits the spot? Grilled cheese. Bowl of tomato soup to accompany preferred, but not required. Washingtonian has a round up of the best grilled cheese the DMV … Keep reading

Where I Ate This Week – Alejandra Owens

There are pros and cons to being a food writer. The pros are obvious, we eat out a lot and get to surround ourselves with talented people in the industry. The cons? We eat out a lot, perhaps not cooking … Keep reading

This Week In Food

Happy Holidays folks! In the flurry of Christmas cookie/cocktail/where to eat articles we’ve all been reading, I want to take a moment to give some love to those Jewish friends who celebrate the Festival of Lights. Both the Washingtonian and … Keep reading

This Week in Food

By Alejandra Owens The holidays are upon us, and this week-long sprint from holiday party to holiday party likely has us all feeling a little ragged. Need a fun mini break? Here, take this Washington Post quiz to find out … Keep reading