Friday Night Bites: Tables for Two on Friday, March 8

  It’s finally Friday, and after a long week, there’s no better way to relax than to enjoy dinner with a glass of wine. Grab a friend—or a loved one— and head over to some of our favorite Italian spots … Keep reading

Chef Travels: Osteria Mozza’s Nancy Silverton Brings Italy to Singapore

Chefs often find inspiration for their dishes through travel. By exploring other cultures, they discover ingredients and techniques they may never have found in their home countries. In “Chef Travels,” we ask chefs about their food travel experiences. Nancy Silverton … Keep reading

Family Style: Going Out of the Mac ‘n Cheese Box

Mac and cheese is the quintessential kid food. Whether it’s the chewy comfort of the elbow macaroni or the gooey fun of the cheese, kids and adults alike love this timeless dish. As a busy mom, it’s easy to reach for … Keep reading

Family Style: 2 Amys Serves Up Grown-Up Pizza for Kids

By Annalisa Burgos Family Style chronicles an urban mom’s search for DC area restaurants that both kids and adults will enjoy. I told myself that when I became a parent, my children’s pizza know-how would consist of more than Chuck … Keep reading

This Week in Food

By Alejandra Owens The holidays are upon us, and this week-long sprint from holiday party to holiday party likely has us all feeling a little ragged. Need a fun mini break? Here, take this Washington Post quiz to find out … Keep reading