Sips & Suppers 2013

Photos by Elizabeth Parker The ultimate DC food event, Sips & Suppers, was held all across the city and into McClean and Bethesda this past weekend. We saw everyone from DC culinary scene fan favorites, Top Chef stars, CNN correspondants, and … Keep reading

Sneak Peek: Sips & Suppers

D.C.’s queen of Jewish cuisine, Joan Nathan, confirms what we all suspected: When Alice Waters calls, prepare to receive your marching orders. The internationally known proprietor of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Calif., has long been a catalyst for change in … Keep reading

Sneak Peek: Sips & Suppers

By now, this weekend’s Sips & Suppers is on the radar for most local food enthusiasts. Organized by culinary superstars Alice Waters, José Andrés and Joan Nathan, the event is designed to shed a light on homelessness and hunger in Washington, … Keep reading

Sneak Peek: Sips & Suppers

In anticipation of the fifth anniversary of Sips & Suppers, the Alice Waters brainchild intended to raise awareness of homelessness and hunger, we spoke with event participant Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm. Rogers, whose farm sits more than five … Keep reading

This Week in Food

How’s your 2012 shaping up so far, eaters and drinkers? Food trucks are already off to a rough start, no thanks to a continually frustrating relationship with the DC City government. Parking tickets, ice cream truck regulations…whatever…I just want my … Keep reading