CityDrinks: Enjoy Winter’s Citrus at its Peak

Grapefruit is often associated with cocktails that lean sour or salty, but bartenders this winter are mixing the versatile fruit with gin, tequila and cognac for a new taste of citrus sunshine. The bar team at El Taco in Atlanta … Keep reading

CityDrinks: Sugar, Spice and Pumpkin Make Nice

There’s so much more to pumpkins than pie. Bars around the country are getting gourd with their cocktails, adding a bit of the seasonal squash to their sips. When Pearl Wine Co. owner Leora Madden heard that Mississippi distillery Cathead (maker of a cult-favorite … Keep reading

Classic Cocktails with a Twist: Dark ‘n’ Stormy

The tropical rum-and-ginger highball Dark ‘n’ Stormy is actually trademarked by Gosling’s rum, and the beverage firm markets its own ginger beer to mix with its rum — lime optional. But this tender piece of legalese thankfully doesn’t deter creative mixologists … Keep reading

More Fun than a Barrel of Aged Cocktails

Some of the world’s best wines develop their complex flavors in barrels. So it makes sense that barrel aging might add similar depth to cocktails. Once an experiment for die-hard connoisseurs, barrel-aged cocktails are becoming more popular at bars and … Keep reading