CityDrinks: The Marvels of Mezcal

Think of it as the Mexican answer to Scotch—smoky and potent. Mezcal, the ancient agave-based spirit and older sibling of tequila, has experienced a renaissance in recent years, thanks to modernized quality-control standards and a handful of successful, small-scale producers. … Keep reading

CityEats and Mike Isabella Hit the Road With a Food Truck — One Day Only!

On Wednesday July 25, we’re partnering up with Mike Isabella to put Graffiato on wheels and hit the streets of D.C. Chef Isabella will also be testing his fans with a “Challenge Your Palate” contest at different stops around the city. Those … Keep reading

The Week In Food

DC has been blessed with some incredible weather this week, but this weekend is slated to bring us back up to sweltering summer temperatures. While some will seek out a pool, some of us will treat ourselves to a boozy snow … Keep reading

The Week In Food

This week the Twitters were all a-buzz with linking and commentary in response to Chris Shott’s profile of Top Chef alumn Mike Isabella. Shott covered all the bases – updates on Graffiato, more info on Bandolero, clarifying the rumor mill … Keep reading

This Week In Food

DC, do you want the good news or the bad news first? It’s Friday, so I’ll give you the good news first. Three of our very own local breweries earned a spot to compete at the annual craft beer and … Keep reading