The Ten: Steamy Soups

Photo courtesy of Mi Cocina

Photo courtesy of Mi Cocina

So many choices, so little time. The Ten is your guide to the best of the best that D.C. has to offer.

Call this week’s storm what you will. Edward Snow’d In, SnOMG or Snodiculousness are all contenders in our book. No matter what the name, the frigid weather has put us in the mood for soup. Here are ten bowls to beat back the cold front – one spoonful at a time.

Fiery Pozole
Spicy red chili adds zing to this South of the Border standard at Mi Cocina. It’s a filling proposition, since the hearty broth is punctuated with generous chunks of chicken.

Thai Pumpkin
Enriched with coconut milk and smoky achiote butter, Masa 14’s soup is a showstopper. It arrives topped with lobster and pepitas.

Vivo Trattoria’s traditional Italian soup is thick with San Mariani tomatoes, baby kale and cannellini beans and finished with garlicky olive oil and freshly ground pecorino cheese. Pair it with a mozzarella and prosciutto panini for dipping.

Creamy Chestnut
Capitol Hill’s French-accented steak frites joint Béarnaise offers a super savory soup made with roast chestnuts, leeks, carrots and celery. Bon appétit!

Seven Onion
Scott Drewno of The Source knows how to craft comfort food. Case in point is this soup, featuring roasted cipollini onions and braised short rib dumplings.

Spiced with black pepper, this soup is the perfect way to kick off a winter’s day meal at The Bombay Club. It comes garnished with rice, which adds a little heft.

Lamb Chili
The team at G nips next door to Kapnos to score some lamb off the spit for this chunky chili. Amped up with housemade harissa, it comes with spoonful of Greek yogurt to tame the wildfire flavor.

Kentucky Burgoo Stew
You may be tempted to drink this filling winter stew at Founding Farmers. That’s because it’s made with sirloin, potatoes and, most importantly, bourbon.

Photo courtesy of Mari Vanna and Joy Asico

Photo courtesy of Mari Vanna and Joy Asico

Pretend you’re attending the Olympics by ordering a bowl of this Sochi standard at Mari Vanna. Olives and onions are paired with smoked pork and Krestyanskaya sausage. Sour cream is optional, but highly recommended.

Asian Accented Lobster Bisque
Flight’s chef Bradley Curtis substitutes in sake for the traditional sherry in this Far Eastern-inspired bisque. To add further Japanese flair, he incorporates kombu and toasted rockweed seaweed into the dish.


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