The Ten: Best French Fries

Duck Fat Fries

Photo courtesy of Bourbon Steak

So many choices, so little time. The Ten is your guide to the best of the best that D.C. has to offer.

This week’s installment tackles French fries. Most people are clearly passionate about them, since a recent study found that the average American eats 29 pounds of fries every year. Here are a few top-notch options to make sure you hit your quota in 2013.

Bold Bite

The crispy sea salted fries are great on their own, but they’re even better dipped into one of the house-made whips and dips. The creamy truffle and the perky Cajun ketchup are tops in my book.   

Blue Duck Tavern

Triple fried in duck fat, these substantial potato spears take more than 24 hours to make. An epic and iconic take on the fast food favorite.

Bourbon Steak

Fries spiced three ways – garden herb, chili cheese, and pastrami – are complemented by a trio of sauces – pickled ketchup, barbeque and Russian dressing. Mix and match to your hearts content.

Shake Shack

The crinkle cut fries are good, but the cheese sauce they’re drenched in is even better. Think of a mix of aged white cheddar, sharp provolone, and American with the consistency of nacho cheese.


Chef Cathal Armstrong does his Irish heritage proud with these thick cut fries. Crisped golden in canola oil, they’re served with your choice of house-made sauces, like curry, tartar, and hot chili.

Granville Moore’s

Double fried to perfection, these are blue ribbon frites. They pair especially well with the from-scratch truffled mayo, horseradish cream, and roasted red pepper ketchup.


This P Street standout commands a dedicated following for its grilled cheese sandwiches, but its chili cheese fries are equally worthy of their own fan club.

Green Pig Bistro

Chef-owner Scott Harlan’s play on poutine is so decadent that every order should come with a defibrillator. Spot on fries are topped with a blanket of gravy, generous chunks of duck liver, and stringy gobs of cheese.

Brasserie Beck

You can get your frites on at this bustling Belgian bistro. Light gold, crispy, and speckled with parsley, they’re accompanied by a trio of dipping sauces, including a curried mayo.

Jackson 20

These stellar, slender sliced spuds are worth your love and attention. Pair them up with one of the 30+ craft beers available for the best results.

Is your favorite missing? Disagree with one (or more) of my choices? Leave a comment below.

  • Shelley

    Ben’s chili cheese fries aren’t fancy, but they’re perfect for a late night meal.

  • JJ

    Evening Star/Majestic Lounge’s are like crack, and do not need the add-on bells and whistles. Just delicious, with sea salt.

  • AK

    Disappointed you named Shake Shack over Five Guys.

    • monkeyrotica

      Probably because Five Guys fries are disgusting.

  • EP Sato

    No love for the “Village fries” at the Good Stuff Eatery? I love those fries!

  • District Karaoke

    Policy Restaurant & Lounge (1904 14th Street NW) has AMAZING fries – no list is complete without them.

  • Jon Rybka-Wachhaus

    Black Fox Lounge has this amazing “Rosa’s Fries” Simple with bacon, cheese and sour cream– but the spices are divine! yum yum

  • dleifrag

    Stoney’s is not on H St

  • Jason

    Shake Shack? Crappy frozen crinkle cut fries? Really? Five Guys are miles better.

    • monkeyrotica

      Five Guys? Steamed bags of grease with some burnt potatoes. Shake Shack are miles better.

  • Nevin Martell

    Thanks for catching the Stoney’s error. Thanks.

  • Dan Blum

    I like French Fries. Quite a bit.

  • dcherry

    Amsterdam Falafelshop! Twice-cooked Belgium-style fries – crunchy on the outside, soft inside (plus their great sauces)! Five Guys and Good Stuff are just plain soggy and greasy…

  • tots

    Bold bite was amazing when it first opened, but I’ve been disappointed the last few times I went. It’s off my list

  • Steve

    Beck was weak at best. Not worth the money, and there’s a pretentious feel. The waitress kept saying ok in French and the food runner who was clearly Latino said volla every time he dropped a plate. I had an extended stay in Brussels Belgium, which is what BB is trying to imitate, also just moved to DC from NYC. That being said the food is weak, only glimmer of hope was they have omengang…. Save your money, if you want fancy fries, go to Safeway, pick up truffle oil $15-25 ish and on the way back stop at 5 guys and be that guy in the corner who brought his own truffle oil…less pretentious than forcing your employees to pretend to speak French