Eat By Numbers: Fuego Cocina y Tequileria

Photo by Kyle Martell

When you dine out, you might think about the ingredients that go into your food, but you probably don’t think about all the numbers that make your meal happen. Restaurants are filled with interesting figures that might not be apparent when you bite into an enticing entrée or take a sip of a signature cocktail, but they’re all around you.

This week, we pretend we’re south of the border by tripping over to the Mexi-minded Fuego Cocina y Tequileria in Arlington. The bi-level corner eatery showcases food with bold flavors and a super-stocked, Spanish accented bar. We find out just how many tortillas are handmade every day, the massive number of tequilas that are on hand, and the number of margaritas that get downed over the course of a day.

Fuego Cocina y Tequileria
Seats: 241

Cooks solely devoted to hand making tortillas: Two

Tortillas made every day: 300

Different tacos available: Nine, including Tacos al Pastor and Tacos de Lengua

Orders of guacamole sold every day: 30

Pounds of beans used every day: 10-15

Pounds of rice used every day: 5-10

Kinds of tequila available: More than 120

Cost of the most expensive tequila: $79 for Gran Patron

Mexican beers available: 11

Margaritas sold every day: 110

Cocktails that incorporate hot peppers: One, the Mala Suerta

Kinds of salsa available: Three, including their spiciest, Salsa Habanero


  • JohnW

    I was there on their opening night. Amazing…