A Moment with Jeff Mauro

By Rina Rapuano, Photos by Elizabeth Parker

After watching The Food Network’s Jeff Mauro crack up the audience during his Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show cooking demo last weekend, we sat down for a rapid-fire Q&A. Here’s what the star of “Sandwich King” and “$24 in 24” was able to answer in less than three minutes.

Have you ever been to D.C. before?
Yes, I have. A very short trip in eighth grade for our eighth-grade trip, and unfortunately it was too soon to come here and appreciate it. And I was here for a book tour that was literally, I didn’t even spend the night.

Where did you eat last night?
I went to Mike Isabella’s Graffiato and had a wonderful meal, and then I went to Spike’s Good Stuff and sampled two big shakes and split a burger.

Two dinners? You’re a professional.
Hey, I’m only here for one night, so I’ve got to get it in.

So, you did comedy before, and that seems like it nicely segues into events like you did today.
It does. There’s nothing harder than the discipline of stand-up comedy. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was not very good at it, but it taught me a lot about having confidence on stage … and learning how to bomb!

You have a new show, right?
It’s called “$24 in 24,” and it is an amazingly highly rated show. It’s just in the stratospheres. It’s not just sandwiches, so we go to a city and have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Come to D.C.
Yes, but can I have breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack with tax and tip for only $24?

[Hey, if you can do it in Boston, you can do it in D.C.! Just saying.]

Somebody on Twitter wanted to know: What is your favorite sandwich spread?
Dijon mustard, hands down. I’m a mustard guy, not so much a mayo guy. I think Dijon goes on many things well. Plus, it’s a great emulsifier and it’s a great kitchen staple. It makes your sauces tight – you know, your vinaigrettes bind together – and it’s great on any sandwich.