Protein Bar Challenge: Week One is a Winner (Day 7)

Words and photo by Nevin Martell

Before I go any further, let me just tell you that I lost eight pounds during my first week of the Protein Bar Challenge. Yes, you read that correctly: eight pounds down in seven days.

Undoubtedly, some of that is water weight, but it’s still impressive.

Even more impressive is the fact that I haven’t been hungry once in the last week. It turns out that – despite my worst fears – quinoa burritos, hard-boiled eggs spiced up with sriracha and furikake, and Buffalo chicken salads can be both filling and enduringly satisfying.

This past weekend, I faced the biggest trial of my diet so far when I traveled to upstate New York to visit my family for four days. Not only did I have to plan out, pick up, and pack twelve Protein Bar meals (plus a few Larabars) to take with me, but I also had to forgo my mother’s cooking. She has always believed that simple and seasonal are best, even before that philosophy became the trend du jour. She’s a vegetarian for all intents and purposes, so her meals utilize lots of area vegetables, locally baked bread, and Empire State fruit.

Sunday night’s dinner featured grated beet salad with walnuts and blue cheese alongside a variety of pan-roasted tubers. Even though I was enjoying my vegan quinoa chili with chopped onions, slivers of avocado, and ample dashes of hot sauce, I still yearned to get a little taste of my mom’s home cooking. But I resisted.

When I looked down at the scale this morning and saw my weight was now 210.5 pounds, I was proud of that minor sacrifice.


Weight: 211.5

Pounds lost: 8

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