Protein Bar Challenge: Turning Back to the Dark Side (Day 10)

By Nevin Martell

After a successful week of making significant progress, I took a scheduled day off from the Protein Bar Challenge. I’ll freely admit that I was looking forward to my 24 hours of food freedom with some anticipatory glee. Finally, I could indulge in sugar, fat, and carbs again!

However, there was some guilt knowing that I would be proactively demolishing some of my headway. So I started the day with breakfast at Protein Bar. Some small part of me hoped that if I had a Denver Bar-rito as my first meal, it would somehow counteract the negative effects of everything that would follow it. Reading that thought back now, I realize that I sound like one of those lame, self-excusing bumper stickers that start “Calories Don’t Count When…”

Any pretense of healthfulness was demolished at dinnertime, when I made an inaugural stop at the Brixton on U Street. After a couple of cocktails, I ordered a medium rare burger. When the server asked if I wanted the optional sunny-side up egg, I didn’t say no. I also double-checked that it came with a full complement of fries. It did, and I managed to eat most of them.

The meal finished with me splitting two desserts with a friend, then running around looking for a pack of Swedish Fish for a grand finale. It turned out to be a pretty anticlimactic ending.

As began determinedly munching on the red gummies three at a time (“I will binge before I go back on the wagon!”), I was shocked to realize that I wasn’t enjoying them as much as I normally do. Their sweetness and artificiality were no longer comforting, but cloying. In a mere seven days, my body had grown fond of my new diet.

The next morning – suffering from a food hangover, as well as a gin hangover – I managed to combine elements of my old and new lifestyles by having cherry pie for breakfast. Well, it was a cherry pie Larabar, but this time it felt like an acceptable indulgence.


Day: 10

Weight: 211

Pounds lost: 8.5

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My thanks to Eric Huang (aka the Junk Food Guy) for taking the photo.