Grill the Chef: Yo! Sushi’s Noriyuki Kudo

Chef Noriyuki Kudo

Born in Kyushu, Japan, Chef Noriyuki Kudo moved to Los Angeles at 18 and spent seven years training under a leading Kaiseki cuisine chef. Today he is at the helm of Yo! Sushi and we turn the tables to grill the chef.

What’s in your fridge or freezer that would surprise people?
Yuzu Kosho – my go to seasoning.

Last meal you cooked for yourself?
Udon Noodles in Dashi Broth.

Last meal on earth?
A huge charred porterhouse – medium rare with mashed potato and asparagus with a Pinot Noir from California.

Which six people — alive or dead — would you choose to attend your ultimate dinner party? What would you serve?
Aerosmith. We’d start with a seasonal antipasto plate, seafood Kaisen salad, panko-crusted king crab legs with yuzu butter and black cod with saikyo miso. Then we’d have skewers of wagyu filet and Jidori chicken before ending with sushi of snapper, albacore tuna and toro.

What non-food-related things do you do for fun?

Play poker and spend time with my daughter.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Hawaii – for the weather and the ocean.

What’s on your DVR?
Jiro – Dream of Sushi