Eat By Numbers: Rasika West End

By Nevin Martell

When you dine out, you might think about the ingredients that go into your food, but you probably don’t think about all the numbers that make your meal happen. Restaurants are filled with interesting figures that might not be apparent when you bite into an enticing entrée or take a sip of a signature cocktail, but they’re all around you.

This week we take a trip to modernist Indian mecca Rasika West End to get the lowdown on how much rice they cook up and how many chilies they burn through every week. Plus, a quick primer on how to correctly pronounce the restaurant’s name.


Rasika West End

Seats in restaurant: 160

Books in the library room: 300

Palika window booths: Three

Indian whiskeys on the menu: One, Amrut

Indian beers on the menu: One, Kingfisher

New dishes that don’t appear on the original Rasika menu: About 50%

Pounds of red chilies used every week: 10

Pounds of rice cooked every week: 300

Times a day that staff members are asked about the correct pronunciation of the restaurant’s name: 10-15 (FYI, owner Ashok Bajaj pronounces it Raa-sika)

Restaurants in Bajaj’s empire: Seven, including Bibiana and Ardeo+Bardeo

Times in a given day Bajaj gets a phone call asking for help obtaining a reservation: 10-20

Celebrity guests: Numerous, including Bill Clinton