Eat By Numbers – Burger, Tap & Shake

Eat By Numbers

When you dine out, you might think about the ingredients that go into your food, but you probably don’t think about all the numbers that make your meal happen. Restaurants are filled with interesting figures that might not be apparent when you bite into an enticing entrée or take a sip of a signature cocktail, but they’re all around you.

This week, we take a trip down to Foggy Bottom’s patty palace – better known as Burger, Tap & Shake – to discover just how many pounds of beef they use every week making hamburgers and how many straws diners go through sucking down the eatery’s signature boozy milkshakes.


Burger, Tap & Shake

Burgers on the menu: Eight for lunch and dinner, and another four for breakfast

Burgers sold every week: 3,500–4,000

Beef used every week: 1,200 pounds

Kinds of meat used to make the various burgers: Nine

Different toppings available: 28

Sauces that make up the housemade AP (All Purpose) sauce: Five; ketchup, mustard, mayo, chipotle, and barbecue

Potatoes used every week: 2,000 pounds

Different beers available:  20 seasonally changing options on tap, five more in can

Alcohol-spike milkshakes available: Five

Ice cream used every week: 120 gallons

Straws used every week: More than 2,000

Chalkboards on the walls: Five

Stools at the counter: 15

Celebrity visitors: Around 10, including four members of the Boston Bruins and Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks