What I Ate This Week – Elizabeth Parker

I think we can all agree that CityEats would not be possible without the superb contributions from our roving photographers, it’s not all about the writing over here. I present to you Elizabeth Parker, who you’ll find has a great eye for capturing the work of your favorite chefs across the city.


Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Blueberries, Strawberries, and Honey Almond Flax Kashi (this is a staple meal for Elizabeth, she also had this on Tuesday and Wednesday – and I bet it never gets boring)

Lunch: Homemade fresh tuna, mozzarella and basil pizza from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table

Dinner: Oysters – Raspberry Point and Champagne from Old Ebbitt Grill


Can I interject for a moment, if this day alone doesn’t make you want to jump out of your seat from being green with envy then I don’t know what will.


Lunch: “Number 7” at Pho 14 – to save you from Googling that here is what the No. 7 is, Chin, Nam, Ve Don; slices of well-done brisket and skirt flank.

Dinner: Homemade composed vegetable plate aka lots of radishes, potatoes, and carrots

If we haven’t guessed by now I’m gonna say that Elizabeth is a tad healthy when it comes to her dining options, I wish I were.


Lunch: Homemade Matzo Ball soup

Dinner: Red Russian Kale Salad at Ripple

This is more like it…

Late Night “Snack”: Burger with Bleu Cheese and a side of Mac N Cheese at The Diner


Breakfast: Reheated Mac n Cheese from the night before – Elizabeth comments that it is always better the following day, remember that for the next time you don’t clean your plate.

Lunch: The joys of working from home – Various cheeses and Olli’s Calabrese with New Belgium’s Snow Day

Dinner: Post shoot feast of Shenandoah Lamb, Poached Black Bass, and a Red Wine Poached Egg at Ripple and Dark n’ Stormy’s at Darlington House


Lunch: Jamon Sorrano, Patatas Bravas, and Canelones de Berenjenas at La Tasca

Dinner: Pizza from Vace


Brunch: Eggs Benedict and bloody Mary’s at Et Voila! – Elizabeth tells me that she’s a bit of an “eggs benny” snob, and she’s generally disappointed with either the hollandaise or eggs being overcooked, but these are the best she’s had in a year of brunches in DC.

Dinner: Five Guys with onion and jalapeños, fries and honey mustard


With a meal like this only one meal in a day is required.

Brunch: Chicken Liver Mousse, Butternut Squash Soup with a licorice marshmallow, Croque Madame and, Bottomless Mimosas, as if that wasn’t enough Elizabeth stole from her brunch date – selections of Beef Carpaccio with chopped Caesar and Shrimp and Grits with Lobster Emulsion at Ardeo + Bardeo

Elizabeth Parker is a freelance photographer and her other work can be found by visiting www.elizabethparkerphoto.com

  • Ross

    Thanks Elizabeth! We’re glad you like our salami.

    Ross at Olli Salumeria