Munchie Madness – Six 4/20-Inspired Dishes and Drinks

Smoked Cocktail

By Nevin Martell

For pro-pot advocates, the biggest day of the year is April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20. Since puff-puff-passing is illegal in most states, smokers converge on the District annually for the Overgrow the Government rally for the legalization of marijuana. No matter what side of the debate you’re on, we can all agree that mind-blowing munchies are an issue that we can all support. So here are six of our favorite herb-inspired dishes and drinks, so you can celebrate (legally, of course) on this High Holiday.


It’s no shock that a salad shop is overflowing with greens, but it is surprising that one of their leafy creations is inspired by the 1936 anti-pot propaganda film Reefer Madness. The Leafer Madness Cobb ($10) tops Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken, corn, tomato wedges, egg, chive, avocado purée and blue cheese, then drizzles it all with red wine vinaigrette. If you prefer something lighter, you can always go for the Kind Herb ($7), which takes mixed greens and herbs and tosses them with crispy wild rice and vinaigrette. (No, one of the herbs is not marijuana.)

The Inn at Little Washington

You might think you’ve smoked too much when the mooing, cow-shaped cheese cart rolls through the dining room of this five star restaurant, but we assure you that Faira the fiberglass heifer is absolutely real. One of the selections she bears is Up In Smoke (price varies), which borrows its name from the Cheech & Chong film. Made by River’s Edge Chèvre in Oregon, this gourmet goat cheese is wrapped in bourbon-soaked, smoked maple leaves, which gives it a smoky scent and a hazy flavor that Pedro and Anthony would have loved.


Owner Ali Bagheri has just one made-up word to describe his new Americano sandwich: stoneylicious. Packed with peanut butter, bacon, pickles, and potato chips, the $9 sammie would have been Elvis’ favorite munchie if he were a weed head.

Evening Star Café

We’ve seen some bongs in our time (on the internet only, of course), but none of them are as cool looking as the smoking gun that mixologists at this Alexandria comfort food hot spot use to make their Smoked Old Fashioned ($9). They begin by giving Maker’s Mark a heavy hit of haze with the gun, then mix in maple syrup and sortilège (maple syrup liqueur). Ultimately, the cocktail tastes like a drunken stack of pancakes, which sounds like a great way to start the day.

St. Ex

It’s officially Grilled Cheese Month, so this 14th Street hangout has developed a series of griddled sammies, including the Smoke Out ($12). This munchie-worthy creation packs two slabs of brioche with pickled pork belly, smoky blue cheese, pea shoots, and onion rings. Staffers insist the name was inspired by the flavor of the cheese they use, but conspiracy theorists might say otherwise.

Black Jack

Smoked ice is straight out of a Portlandia skit, but it’s what anchors the Cigar cocktail ($14) at this Logan Circle bocce haven. Mezcal, peach nectars, peach bitters, and freshly squeezed lemon juice are shaken together and poured over the frozen fumes. It’s finished off with a tightly wound “cigar” of prosciutto, but you can call it a blunt if you like.