The Week in Food

Folks, fire up those Pinterest “kitchen dream” boards cause this week the Washington Post’s All We Can Eat blog had shots with Voltaggio, Mendelsohn and Isabella in their home kitchens. I’ll take one part Isabella’s appliances with two parts Mendelsohn’s cabinetry, please and thank you!

Mike Isabella saw some additional press this week when he was voted the People’s Best New Chef, Mid-Atlantic region in Food & Wine. DC is so good at racking up superlatives, maybe we should come up with some additional ones for Mike?

There’s some good news for cured meat lovers this week – Three Little Pigs charcuterie is opening up in Petworth. Looks like Red Apron is no longer alone in fueling DC’s sausage, tasso and salumi habit!

Speaking of cured pork parts – have you ever seen a 300lb pig being broken down at Birch & Barley in the wee hours of the night? Turns out that’s just what they do sometimes, and Huffington Post DC has the photos to prove it!

Would you dare, District dwellers, to venture all the way to Baltimore for a meal? How about if that meal was at Woodberry Kitchen and Spike Gjerde was at the helm? Washington Post ran a lovely profile on the man who’s changing what farm-t0-table means for the DMV. Having met Spike and dined at Woodberry, I highly recommend the Zipcar rental and the trip to Baltimore for a day of fabulous eating and drinking!

Are you guys all prepped for St. Patrick’s Day? Where will you be drinking green beer and eating green foods this weekend? I’ll be returning to DC from a traveling extravaganza that included eating in Arizona, Austin, Boston and New York! Consider me well-fed! Don’t forget to tweet me any food questions or recommendations!