Grill the Chef: Granville Moore’s Teddy Folkman

Chef Teddy Folkman

Chef Teddy Folkman

After graduating from James Madison University and pursuing a brief career in sales and marketing, Teddy Folkman decided to turn his full attention to his passion – food. He spent the next several years working in a variety of area restaurants, including Evening Star Cafe, Clydes and Vermilion. Since then he has faced-off on Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay and competed on The Next Food Network Star.  Today, he is the chef at Granville Moore’s and we are turning the tables to grill the chef.

What’s in your fridge or freezer that would surprise people?
Lots of low fat low calorie things like sour cream, cream cheese etc.

Last meal you cooked for yourself?
I just made myself a turkey and provolone sandwich, does that count? I made some marinated pork and chicken tacos and tomatillo sauce.

Last meal on earth?
Rotisserie Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Granville’s Frites, Blue Cheese Dressing and Hot Sauce.

Which six people — alive or dead — would you choose to attend your ultimate dinner party? What would you serve?
Garrett Oliver, Julia Child, Geoffrey Zakarian, Elvis Costello, John Stewart and Anderson Cooper moderating the night.I think the conversation alone would make the dinner party.

I would serve some of my favorite beer and food combos. Maybe French Onion soup using a nice Belgian quad and stinky gruyere, some raw meat, organ meat of some kind, mussels of course. Nothing too fancy but perfectly cooked.

What non-food-related things do you do for fun?
I love music, travel is a dream, and going to any sporting event is always fun. But in all honesty, I turned to the culinary arts as a career because it was a passion and a hobby for so long. Now it seems everything I do revolves around it; even for fun. I love going to beer and wine festivals, farms to learn where the food comes from and how, and reading books about the industry.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Spain, France and Italy in that order. I’ve been to the Caribbean a bunch and would love to live there, but I want to get to Europe.

What’s on your DVR?
Family Guy, Through the Wormhole (Morgan Freeman + dark matter? Are you kidding?) Scrubs “The Musical”, Daily Show and Colbert Report, old episodes of 24 and Lost. Until I find a show worthy of filling that space, those shows stay. It seems as soon as I got DVR, TV started really sucking.