Where I Ate This Week – Alejandra Owens

Alejandra Owens

Alejandra Owens

There are pros and cons to being a food writer. The pros are obvious, we eat out a lot and get to surround ourselves with talented people in the industry. The cons? We eat out a lot, perhaps not cooking as much as we’d like — and we spend more money on food than we’d care to admit. Oh, and then there’s the gym – I can’t speak for my colleagues, but I don’t hit the treadmill nearly enough.

The most common questions I’m asked is where I eat out, what are my favorite restaurants and what do I like to cook at home. Such loaded topics, all. And I’m just as curious about the answers to those questions when it comes to my fellow food writers in The District.

I introduce to you What I Ate This Week, a series providing a snapshot highlighting what a member of the CityEats team eats in a week.

We begin with Alejandra Owens, writer for CityEats, Borderstan and One Bite at a Time.

When I asked Alejandra to tell me what she ate in this particular week, I was overwhelmed by the time she spent at Eataly. Of course, she’s telling us what she ate the week she’s jaunting across the east coast (damn you, New York — we’ll soon have our comeuppance).

Moving on with the play by play…


Breakfast: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup, side of Pheasant Hazelnut Sausage while vacationing in Vermont

Dinner: Brasied Pork Shoulder Bolognese with Pappardelle at Eataly in NYC


Lunch: Pozole Rojo at Oyamel

Dinner: MooShoo Vegetables from Mr Chen’s Organic Chinese


Lunch: Cream of Cauliflower Soup at the work cafeteria

Dinner: Carnitas Tacos at Zola


Lunch: Crab Roll at Luke’s Lobster

Dinner: Chicken Satay Rice Bowl at Shop House

If you’ve not hit up Shop House you really should, I opt for the bowl too, but like to go easy on the spicy sauce.  Shop House is across the street (sort of) from Chipotle on what’s becoming quite a quick-service strip of dining options, and the soon-to-be home to a much-needed deli.


Breakfast: Alfajor (I had to Google that too, it’s okay) at Dolcezza

Lunch: Lamb Meatballs in a mushroom sauce over creamy polenta at Meatballs

Dinner – This was the day that Alejandra hit up the DCCK Capital Food Fight, so we can assume all kinds of tasty bites and cocktails


Lunch: Chic P Salad at Sweetgreen

Dinner: A home-cooked meal (at long last).

A great selection, although Alejandra, but I would like to see you eat a hearty breakfast, you know it’s the most important meal of the day!

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