This Week in Food

Well, this week started off with a bang!

  • No, literally. A propane tank on the Tasty Kabob Truck got cranky with a new cook on the truck who wasn’t acquainted with its nuances. Don’t worry though, Anna, the cook who felt its firey fury, is doing just fine. In fact, she was discharged from the hospital within a few hours.
  • Can’t say so much for the folks involved in a scuffle, at Heritage India last weekend. One person died from a gun shot and five more were injured. The Washington Examiner took a look at the South Dupont spot and found it has quite the rap sheet. The restaurant released a statement but the story continues to play out as DC Liquor Officials investigate.
  • In lighter — and decidedly funnier news, Fiola bartender Jeff Faile shared his (queue the dramatic booming voice) Worst Shift Ever with Washington City Paper. What can go wrong on your average January night? Everything, Jeff. Everything.
  • Seems like Jeff’s grace under fire mentality might just be a “DC thing?” The National Restaurant Worker’s Association released a labor-friendly dining guide this week. Want your waiters to be treated well? Your line cooks fairly paid? This would be just the guide for you (also a lovely gift for your union friendly friends this holiday season). A number of DC’s favorite restaurants topped the list.

The local businesses earning the highest marks for their worker-friendly policies include: Busboys & PoetsBen’s Chili BowlFive GuysJack Rose, and virtually every eatery under José Andrés’ Think Food Group umbrella (America Eats Tavern, OyamelJaleoZaytinya).

  • There’s the hustle and bustle for the week, folks! Don’t forget: IF you see something, say something! Shoot Alejandra a tweet on Twitter or leave her a note in the comments section. You could see your tip in next week’s food news roundup!