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Restaurant Scene DC

Here at CityEats, restaurants are at the heart of our story. Our goal is to celebrate what they’re doing and to show off their best efforts in new and different ways.

And that’s the heart of the story. The rest of it is this: There’s much that’s happening around restaurants that’s worthy of a little attention too.  The diners, the energy, the culture, the media, the buzz… All of it can set a pulse for a whole city.

Sitting in our offices in New York, we realize that we need to make it our business to tap into all of that. Our mission has been to get to know the people in and around restaurants in DC in order to build an experience that’s as authentic as the restaurants themselves. So we got on the Acela and we started meeting people. We had coffee and drinks and dinner with all manner of DC food folks, and we humbly asked them to teach us about this great town of theirs — and yours. We discovered a wealth of knowledge and passion in a city whose restaurant scene is one of the most explosive in the country. We met writers, bloggers, photographers, video producers, PR people, chefs, restaurateurs, servers and hosts who live and breathe that world every day – and they’re the ones who have helped shape what you see here.

So in addition to covering the fantastic restaurants who’ve partnered with CityEats, we’ve built this blog, The Plate: A place for us to talk about food and food culture in DC, and a place to invite in some of the exciting local voices from that world. Sure, we’ll talk about restaurants. But we’ll also explore the ways in which those restaurants (and their people) inspire us… At home in our kitchens, at the grocery store, in farmer’s markets, in the way we entertain, in everything that we do.

Welcome to ThePlate. We hope you’re hungry.

–Dria de Botton

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    Welcome. Would love to hear about local food crazes, what different cities are willing to stand in line for.